About us

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About us

The Knowledge Academy is a private school, which provides primary, secondary and higher grades of schooling, as well as a range of additional educational services.

The main purpose of our establishment is to set up a school, which meets the demands of our time and provides a higher-level service. Moreover, we strive to nurture the youth capable of thinking, communicating, and studying at the same level as those of developed countries around the world.

Our aims and tasks:

To develop children’s abilities and talents, especially in the spheres of English and Mathematics
To develop leadership skills and abilities in various fields of science
To enhance children’s physical condition

Advantages of our school:

Groups comprise only 15 students, where the educational process is based on an individual approach and advanced instruction of all subjects.
Students have nutritious meals three times a day.
School work hours are from 8.30 a.m. till 6 p.m., which is an advantage for parents who have a busy schedule.
No homework at home! Students finish all their tasks in the classroom with the help from their instructors.


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